2018 Lecture Series Schedule
Saturday, February 17
1:00pm – BIOPHILIA defined, A dialogue with Art, Nature and Science Panel Discussion

Speakers: Christopher Marley (Artist), Louise Irvine (Museum Director for the Wiener Museum of Decorative Art), Violeta de la Serna (Moderator)
Exhibiting Name: Gallery of Amazing Things
Biophilia is a condition that, to one degree or another, affects all of humanity. It is an instinctive sense of kinship with the rest of the living, breathing world. Literally translated, it is “love of life.” Psychoanalyst Erich Fromm defined it as “the passionate love of life and all that is alive.”

In this panel discussion, we will explore how NY Times Best Selling Author and Internationally collected Artist, Christopher Marley, has created a symbiotic relationship with art and the nature, successfully transforming the art of taxidermy into contemporary work. We will explore humanity’s need to connect with the natural world and evidences its stimulating power over us.
3:00pm – Glass is More: Stories from the Road

Speaker: Arlie Sulka
Exhibiting Name: Lillian Nassau LLC
Arlie Sulka is the owner of Lillian Nassau LLC, world-renowned for specializing in the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany and Tiffany Studios. Since 1998, Ms. Sulka has been a regular appraiser of glass on PBS’ Antiques Roadshow. Lillian Nassau LLC began exhibiting at the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show in 2007.

Ms. Sulka will recount her stories from the road as an appraiser of glass for PBS’ Antiques Roadshow particularly how her expertise expanded from her knowledge of Tiffany and other 19th and 20th Century art glass to more common everyday glassware. She will also share some of her most exciting discoveries.
Sunday, February 18
1:00pm – The Rosenberg Family Legacy and Looted Art Recovery

Speaker: Marianne Rosenberg
Exhibiting Name: Rosenberg & Co
A history of the multi-generational art dealing family which redefined the art market and represented luminaries of the twentieth century (Picasso, Matisse, Braque et al.). A discussion of the family’s wartime journey from Paris to New York and the following quest to recover their Nazi-looted art.
3:00pm – Post-War Fashion Illustration – A Genre Rediscovered

Speaker: Connie Gray
Exhibiting Name: Gray M.C.A
Fashion Illustration is back in vogue. The astonishing talents of these great masters are now celebrated as the missing school of 20th century art and inspire today’s leading fashion illustrators as fashion illustration once again features internationally as a key communicator of fashion interpretation. Through this fascinating talk the work of these 20th and 21st century masters will be brought to life. Once considered commercial drawings these unique original drawings are now sort after by collectors worldwide.

Gray M.C.A holds the highly-acclaimed exhibition ‘Drawing on Style’ in London annually during London Fashion Week.
Monday, February 19
1:00pm – Navigating the New Ivory Laws in the United States: How to Buy and Sell Legally.

Speaker: Scott Defrin
Exhibiting Name: European Decorative Arts
Recent changes in ivory laws in the United States has brought a lot of concern and confusion among the antique collecting community. Many don’t know what is legal to buy and sell. This talk will briefly outline how the trade in antique ivory can continue legally by knowing the rules.
3:00pm – How Art, Fashion, Technology & Globalism Defined Art Deco Jewelry

Speaker: Ben Macklowe
Exhibiting Name: Macklowe Gallery
The period between the First and Second World Wars was a time of radical change in modern life. Art, fashion, and broadened international communications all played key roles in defining the styles and tastes of the era that was most famously dominated by the geometric lines and striking simplicity of the Art Deco movement. In this lecture, Mr. Macklowe will offer an in depth look at jewelry from the late 1910s to the late 1930s by exploring how different facets of the era came together to define a crucial moment in design history.