2017 Lecture Series Schedule
Saturday, February 18
1:00pm – Carl David (David David Gallery)

Title: Collecting & Care of Fine Art
Synopsis: Carl David, a 3rd generation Fine Art Dealer of the David David Gallery, Philadelphia, will be speaking about Collecting & Care of Fine Art. He will share basic concepts about the art market and how it works and will divulge valuable inside information on the complex often abstract forces that drive it. Copies of the recently revised edition of his book, “Collecting & Care of Fine Art ” (Skyhorse Publishing, NY) will be available for purchase and will be personally inscribed.
3:00pm – Deborah Pollack (Edward & Deborah Pollack Fine Art)

Title: A Presentation of Palm Beach Visual Arts
Synopsis: Deborah Pollack will present her lavishly illustrated new book, Palm Beach Visual Arts (Pelican Publishing Company, www.pelicanpub.com), the first volume to comprehensively explore the incredible story of the island and the painters, photographers, sculptors, artisans, art dealers, celebrities, and philanthropists drawn to it. Palm Beach Visual Arts uncovers, emphasizes, and analyzes the significant art created in Palm Beach, revealing in great detail, how a barrier island enclave of the super wealthy was transformed into a prominent and influential locus for the arts. And because West Palm Beach is just over the bridge, its art and artists are also explored.
Sunday, February 19
1:00pm – Benjamin Macklowe (Macklowe Gallery)

Title: How Art, Fashion, Technology & Globalism Define Art Deco Jewelry
Synopsis: The period between the First and Second World Wars was a time of radical change in modern life. Art, fashion, and broadened international communications all played key roles in defining the styles and tastes of the era that was most famously dominated by the geometric lines and striking simplicity of the Art Deco movement. In this lecture, Mr. Macklowe will offer an in depth look at jewelry from the late 1910s to the late 1930s by exploring how different facets of the era came together to define a crucial moment in design history.
3:00pm – Michael Goedhuis (Michael Goedhuis)

Title: Contemporary Culture: Where is the chinese market going?
Synopsis: Catching dynamism of the new, real cultural revolution happening in China has become a fact. It is happening in music, film, theatre, design, philosophy, architecture and art. But how will it evolve and what impact will it have, not only on the art-market both in China and the West, but on all of us, whether culture lovers or not, in the future?
Monday, February 20th
1:00pm – Thomas Colville (Thomas Colville Fine Art)

Title: Quality and Value in Collecting American Art
Synopsis: The talk will discuss the concept of quality as it relates to American Art through the middle of the 20th century and how it corresponds to value in the market place. Representative examples of American paintings and watercolors will be used to illustrate these concepts.
3:00pm – Roric Tobin, Bradfield & Tobin

Title: The Next Generation of Collecting
Synopsis:If one has been watching the Real Estate transactions over the last few years, it is clear that the “Next Generation” is arriving and taking their place in Palm Beach. Though the timeless appeals of the island have not changed, this group comes with new tastes and acquiring preferences in the worlds of Art