2016 Lecture Series
Friday, February 12
1:00pm – Gordon Lewis (The Fine Arts Conservancy)

Title: Condition and Value in Art: How Damage and Conservation Impact Value of Works of Art.
Synopsis: The popular dogma is that art undergoes a tremendous loss of value when damaged, but this is not necessarily so. Many owners believe restoration devalues art. This is untrue – it is the damage which creates loss of value, while the objective of restoration is to regain value to the greatest extent possible. The highly illustrated lecture shows case studies illustrating how some pieces undergo a total loss of value while others with identical damage have no loss of value (witness the Steve Wynn Picasso case). This is a fascinating lecture for the true collector and art appraiser. There will be a number of illustrated case studies ranging from large T’ang Dynasty pieces to old master, Impressionist and contemporary paintings by Rothko and others.
3:00pm – Ron Cavalier (Cavalier Galleries)

Title: “All About Appraising: Bronze Sculpture”
Synopsis: Bronze Sculpture, a lecture seeking important insight into this important appraisal area. Cavalier will cover a wide range of topics including: the most widely used casting technique of the past 100 years; how mold-making techniques, metallurgy and patinas are used to achieve certain results; ways in which sculpture is reproduced, and how to identify the differences; restoration practices and their impact on value; and edition sizes, costs, and pricing. Cavalier will focus also on the challenges sculptors face today when their works are copied overseas only to wind up being sold by unethical dealers here in the States— an enormous challenge to many sculptors working today and to appraisers in determining value.
Saturday, February 13

A Full Day of design-related programming featuring the Interior Designers featured in the 2016 Designer Showcase
4:00pm – Panel Discussion
The Art of Decoration
Decorating With and Incorporating Art into interiors
Join the Designers as they come together to discuss captivating design topics and share their unique points of view.
Campion Platt
Jenny Garrigues
Lars Bolander
Christopher Coleman
Joseph Pubillones
Sunday, February 14
11:30pm – Rob Lavinsky (Elemental Fine Natural Art)

Title: Fine Natural Art – The emerging collectible art class of fine minerals and crystals
Synopsis: While many marvel at the beauty of paintings and sculptures made by man, nature’s art lies waiting to be discovered in the ground. Stunning crystals and fine minerals like Emerald crystals from Colombia, Quartz in Arkansas, and Tourmaline from Brazil are unique works of natural art that command admiration for aesthetics, rarity, and beauty. Learn about the fine natural art market and how it is being influenced by private collectors and museums worldwide.
1:00pm – Paul D. Vandekar (Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge)

Title: Stitches in Time- Sailors’ Woolies and Arts.
Synopsis: The British sailor created a large number of exciting and creative artworks in the Victorian era and this lecture explores the range of their artistic creativity and the socio-economic reasons for it. The charming self-taught folk art of the sailors’ woolwork are found in major collections across the world and in many museums opening a window on a lost age.
3:00pm – Will Motley ( Cohen & Cohen)

Title: “European Prints on Chinese Export Porcelain”
Synopsis: In the 18th century there was a select and sophisticated market in porcelains imported from China on which were hand painted images copied from European prints. The subjects range from religious to erotic, topographical to mythological. All the porcelain is rare and highly prized both then and now. The talk will cover the range of these images and discuss the print sources used, including a number of significant new discoveries.

Will Motley has written one major book on Chinese Export Porcelain figures Mandarin & Menagerie(2008), as well as fourteen catalogues (2000-2015) for International dealers Cohen and Cohen.
Monday, February 15
11:30pm – Brice Gobin (Elemental Fine Natural Art)

Title: Tanzanite and Fine Gem Crystals: From Mine to Market
Synopsis: Beneath the massive Mount Kilimanjaro lies a secret gift limited in time and quantity – a gift that few have the pleasure to appreciate and own. Tanzanite crystals and gems have been a wildly popular colored stone recently, but the path it travels from mine to market is daring, dramatic, and difficult.
1:00pm – Michael Goedhuis (Michael Goedhuis)

Title: The New Cultural Revolution in China
Synopsis: Discussing the evolution of ink painting and calligraphy in China over the past 2000 years, and the effect of both the Communist and Cultural Revolution on Ink Art. China is the oldest surviving civilization on earth, and Chinese contemporary ink works, from calligraphy and paintings to photography and video, express the continuation of this vast past in ways that are meaningful for society today both in China and the West.
3:00pm – Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz (Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz)

Title: “A Walk through elegant and famous homes in Europe and America: Papiers Peints—Wallpaper decors in historic and contemporary settings”
Synopsis: A walk thru private homes in Europe and America, never published, such as Mouton Rothschild in France, Coutts Bank in London, Winterthur collection rarely seen, an extraordinary décor found in a David Adler home, now in a famous private collection in New York, vintage decors introduced into contemporary settings by well-known designers, such as Mongiardino, Roberto Peregalli, Jacques Grange, and others.